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Curb Cutting in Ottawa

At Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd., our specialized equipment cuts curbs for a variety of applications. Trust our professionals to get your job done right when it comes to curb cutting in Ottawa. Whether it’s for residential use or commercial, a curb cut needs to be done correctly in order to ensure the safety of pedestrian. If not done correctly, a curb cut may pool water or create an unsafe area.

Curb Cutting May Be Used For:

Expansion of existing entrance

Lowering an entrance that is too high

Creation of a new entrance for a home or business

Breaking out and re-pouring new entrance ways

Creating new wheelchair ramps

Eliminating trip hazards

Removing curb and barrier walls on bridge decks

With many years of curb cutting experience behind us, we combine our acquired expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to offer effective, economical solutions. If you need a curb cut in the Ottawa area, give Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd. a call.


Get the Job Done Right

We have been the trusted choice for concrete drilling and sawing in the Ottawa area for over 40 years.

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