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Whether you need to create openings in concrete walls, floors, or slabs, our advanced concrete sawing techniques and equipment at Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd. are designed to meet your specific cutting needs.

Our hand-held hydraulic saws in Ottawa and Gatineau produce clean and fast openings in your walls or floors. They are the perfect tools for creating accurate openings for doors and windows in stone, brick and cement block structures, as well as prefabricated panels for existing structures. Our saws are capable of cutting up to 16” deep and include:

  • ​Dust free-cutting. 

  • ​Hydraulic machines for openings 24” x 24” to larger.

  • ​Varying levels of speed for specific circumstances and material.

  • ​Self-contained units that do not require an outside source of power or water. This enables us to work even on sites when power or water is in short supply.

  • ​Complex circumstances or environmentally delicate situations.

  • ​Bio-degradable oil.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements with our team of experts.


Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd., in its 40 years in the industry, has grown into a thriving company with an extensive inventory of concrete sawing equipment in Ottawa and Gatineau. Whether cutting, drilling, or demolishing concrete with precision and efficiency, we have covered you. From residential and commercial to government and construction, we can handle almost any concrete-cutting project. With a focus on safety and efficiency, we also provide concrete mapping, imaging, and utility detection services. Our cutting-edge concrete saws and diamond blades allow us to easily and precisely tackle even the most challenging cutting tasks.


Our concrete sawing equipment can cut into:


Reinforced concrete:

With our concrete saws, we can easily penetrate reinforced concrete structures. Combining concrete and steel reinforcement poses no challenge to our cutting expertise, making us the ideal choice for cutting through reinforced concrete foundations, walls, columns, and other structural elements.



Our cutting equipment is well-equipped to handle cinderblocks with ease. Whether for creating openings in walls, shaping partitions, or modifying load-bearing structures, we have the expertise to deliver precise and clean cuts in cinderblocks.


Prefabricated concrete:

The versatility of our concrete sawing equipment extends to prefabricated concrete elements. We can efficiently cut and modify precast concrete walls, slabs, beams, and other prefabricated components to suit your project needs.


Other structural materials:

Aside from concrete and its variations, our cutting capabilities extend to other structural materials commonly used in construction. From steel and wood to composite materials and other engineered substances, our skilled technicians and advanced equipment allow us to tackle diverse cutting challenges.



Regarding road construction, parking lots, driveways, or airport runways, our concrete sawing equipment is up to cut through asphalt surfaces.



Our advanced sawing equipment can accurately cut through brick walls, facades, and architectural features, preserving the structure's integrity while accommodating your design vision.


Here are some examples of what our concrete sawing equipment in Ottawa and Gatineau is capable of:


  • ​Create openings for windows and doors.

  • ​Create openings for ductwork.

  • ​Create trenches for plumbing.

  • ​And more.

Speak to our experts today for all your hydraulic hand saw needs in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


Choose Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd. for your concrete sawing needs in Ottawa and Gatineau because we prioritize:


Safety and dependability: At Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd., we prioritize the safety of our clients and our team. We adhere to all the safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a secure working environment throughout the concrete sawing process. Our experienced professionals are trained to handle various challenges and have the knowledge and expertise to execute projects safely and efficiently.


Attention to detail: Every project is different and requires careful attention. Whether you need residential or industrial property concrete sawing services, our dedicated team approaches each project precisely and meticulously.


Experienced expertise: With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted provider of concrete sawing services in Ottawa and Gatineau. Our long-standing presence in the market is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior results. Over the years, we have successfully completed numerous projects for diverse clients, earning their satisfaction and trust.


Prompt and efficient solutions: We understand the importance of timely project completion, whether it's for a residential or industrial client. Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd. strives to provide prompt and efficient solutions without compromising quality. Our team is equipped with advanced tools and technologies to streamline the concrete sawing process, ensuring timely project delivery.


Speak to our experts today for all your concrete sawing needs in Ottawa and surrounding areas.


Get the Job Done Right

We have been the trusted choice for concrete drilling and sawing in the Ottawa area for over 40 years.

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