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The DragonSaw, which was created by our sister company, ACG Saws & Tools of Canada Inc., is a revolutionary saw that can be adapted to any drive power with literally no blade slippage, no matter how much pressure is applied, and that allows for complete diamond wear before the blade has to be discarded.

In 2007, Stephane Campeau invented and started to design a ring saw that can accommodate 14” to 20” blades, or even larger blades, without requiring any changes or modifications to the drive mechanism. The goal was to create a saw that is not affected by blade slippage, that requires little maintenance and that provides superior performance.

Thanks to the patent-pending simple drive coupling design, the side-driven head assembly can be coupled to a hydraulic, electric, gas or air motor.

Over the last 12 to 14 months, operators at Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd. have been using the hydraulic and electric version with 16” and 20” blades on a daily basis, with excellent results and minimal maintenance. The blade can be changed easily in a few minutes using only a couple of wrenches.

Regardless of the size of the blade used, the ratio between the cutting depth and the size of the blade remains the same. Simply subtract 4 inches from the size of the blade to obtain the cutting depth. For example, a 16” blade produces a cutting depth of 12”, and a 20” blade produces a cutting depth of 16”, etc. The DragonSaw features the following advantages:

No pre-cutting is required

No blade slippage

Straight cuts

Use of 100% of the blade

Eliminates corner drilling

No over cuts

The more pressure you put on the saw blade, the more the drive roller grabs. Our competitors’ saws slip and are expensive to maintain. In addition, damaged blades have to be discarded, even when there is a significant diamond life remaining.

The lightness and cutting capacity of our DragonSaw ring saw eliminates the need to transport a heavy wall saw (where practical), and it is extremely practical when access to electric power is limited. No other company offers a hand saw that is capable of cutting up to a 16” thick in a basement or on the 24th floor of a building using only 110 Volts or a small hydraulic power pack.

Cooling and flushing-water requirements are minimal (1/5 of the requirements for a chain saw). The blade is a 0.165” wide, and will not bind when used in a pre-cut made using a regular blade.


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To obtain your own DragonSaw, please contact our sister company, ACG Saws & Tools of Canada.

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