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Concrete coring and drilling is a common solution when access is required for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer and sprinkler installations. Advance Cutting & Coring Ltd. offers you a safe, clean and professional option for carrying out your drilling projects. You are guaranteed round holes of the proper dimension with a smooth finish.

The Tools of the Trade:

Know that we have the right tools and machinery for the job. Our equipment is prepared for a wide array of projects. The Advance team of expert drillers will work with engineers and project managers to find the right drilling solution for the right project, no matter the weather, and in even the most confined of spaces. When you partner with Advance, you partner with the methods and equipment needed for world-class results.

Our equipment includes:

  • Units capable of being dust free and vibration free
  • Varying levels of speed for specific circumstances and material
  • We have electric and hydraulic drills available
  • Self-contained units that do not require an outside source for power or water. This enables us to work even on sites when power or water are in short supply.
  • Complex circumstances of environmentally delicate situations

We can drill into:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Prefabricated concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Cinderblock
  • Other structural materials

Some examples of what we can do:

  • Create holes for plumbing pipes
  • Create holes for electrical conduits
  • Line drilling for smaller square openings
  • Create holes to anchor bolts or lifting rods
  • Create holes to place explosive charges in preparation for demolition
  • Drill cores for analysis of a rock structure
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