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Concrete Patios and Egress Windows: A Guide for Property Owners

A cement mason working on a wet cement surface adding lines for a concrete patio.

Around 91 percent of Canadians report that they love spending time in their yard. They report it helps improve their mood and memory. It also helps reduce stress.

Adding a concrete patio can help create a space you love. However, what if the space where you want your patio has existing egress windows?

Keep reading to learn what you need to consider when it comes to concrete patios and egress windows.

How Do You Deal with Existing Egress Windows When Building a Concrete Patio?

When it comes to building a concrete patio, existing egress windows can pose a challenge. Egress windows are essential for providing emergency exits and ensuring the safety of occupants in basements or below-grade spaces.

So how do you deal with these windows while constructing your dream outdoor space?

Relocate the Egress Windows

One option is to relocate the egress window altogether. This involves careful planning and coordination with professionals who specialize in window installation and concrete cutting services.

By moving the window to a different area of your basement wall, you can create more flexibility when designing your patio layout.

Modify the Shape or Size of the Existing Window

Another solution is to modify the size or shape of the existing egress window. This approach may be suitable if you want to minimize costs or avoid major structural changes. However, keep in mind that altering an egress window's specifications should comply with local building codes and regulations.

Incorporate the Window Into Your Patio Design

If relocating or modifying the egress window is not feasible, incorporating it into your patio design can be an attractive option. With creative landscaping techniques, you can seamlessly integrate this necessary feature into your outdoor oasis. Some of these options could include adding flower beds or shrubs around the window well.

How Can Concrete Cutting Services Help?

When it comes to building a concrete patio while dealing with existing egress windows, there are several options available to homeowners. As discussed above these options include the following:

However, these tasks require precision and expertise. This will help ensure seamless integration between your patio and egress windows. That's where concrete-cutting services can be tremendously helpful.

Professional concrete cutters have the knowledge and tools needed to handle such projects with ease. They can collaborate with other stakeholders, and safely cut into the concrete when needed.

By enlisting the help of concrete-cutting services, you can save time and effort. You'll also ensure that your new patio seamlessly accommodates your existing egress windows.

Are you looking to enhance your outdoor living space by adding a beautiful concrete patio? Or do you need assistance in handling existing egress windows during construction? Don't hesitate to reach out to experienced professionals who specialize in concrete cutting services.

Concrete Cutting Services in Ottawa

When it comes to installing concrete patios, it's important to consider your egress windows. Experienced concrete cutters can help you make a plan to maintain safety standards.

Are you ready to get started? Advanced Cutting and Coring has been serving the area since 1978. Find out how we can help with your project today.


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