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Rebuild Your Pool Deck: 3 Modern Concrete Pool Decks for Inspiration

Concrete Pool

Pool decks add both functionality and style. They offer a space for creating memories while accenting architecture and landscape design. These are two fundamentals to consider when upgrading your pool deck.

Which deck materials work best for such projects?

Modern concrete pool decks complement a range of popular architectural styles in Canada. Contemporary, Gothic, and Italianate are ideal for concrete decking. There are many concrete decks suitable for farmhouses, chateaus, and more.

Homeowners need experienced concrete cutters who can bring that versatility to life.

Discover three pool deck ideas from Advance Cutting & Coring.

Be Creative with Concrete Slabs

Take a look at various decks when rebuilding your pool deck. The first thing you'll notice is that the deck comprises slabs.

Concrete slabs come in a range of sizes, textures, and colours. Your next step is to discover the perfect balance of all three for your pool deck. A concrete cutter can suggest slabs and sizes for the project.

For example, your deck may benefit from smaller rectangular slabs cut in various sizes. Another choice is to "go big" with large concrete slabs.

Concrete slabs come in various colours. Use a combination of different hues to accent your home's style. A particular colour may look even better with your backyard landscaping.

At this stage, it's important to gather as many references as possible. Browse copies of Canadian Living for inspiration, or take note of your favorite designs in the community.

Pool Deck Options for Entertaining

Next, consider various ideas for entertaining around your in-ground pool.

Modern concrete pool decks offer plenty of space for lounge chairs, patio furniture, and outdoor sofas. You may want to create more space for a patio, pergola, or rooftop area.

Make room for that hot tub you've always wanted. Guests love hot tubs as well, making them ideal for outdoor parties.

Landscaping design also matters for outdoor entertaining.

You could also add concrete planters or leave openings for plants. This idea will help your deck blend right into your landscape design.

Fireplaces and Lighting for Modern Concrete Pool Decks

Another idea is a built-in fire pit. Consider one with built-in seating. This feature is perfect for entertaining (or relaxing) on chilly nights.

An outdoor fireplace will look great on your deck. You could install a traditional one with a hearth. A concrete wall with a recessed fireplace may create a more modern look.

Fireplaces add much-needed lighting to your backyard, too. You may want to consider adding concrete features or recesses that support pool deck lighting.

If you're creating a deck with more than one level, consider stairs with lighting. An illuminated curved walkway is another option.

Start Construction on Your New Deck

Above are a few ideas to get you started. Remember to consider everything from slab size to lighting when designing your modern concrete pool deck.

Advance Cutting & Coring can help you achieve your dream deck with our slab-cutting services and more. We've been in business since 1978 with a growing team of experienced industry professionals and the latest equipment.

Call us today or connect now for a free quote.


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